BROOKLYN SLUGGERS NEEDED BRANDING to promote their newly constructed sports center. The client wanted a dynamic logo with a baseball theme to match their energetic training style.



The sole requirement the client had for the logo design was to show a batter swinging a bat. The challenge was to create an original and versatile logo that was neither too representational nor too abstract. It was also important that the logo not be derivative of any existing baseball logos.



A competitive audit was key to avoiding pitfalls and the possibility of producing an uninspired logo.



Evolution of a Logo

These are some of the design concepts that were presented to the client. The key discovery in this particular logo was when it emerged that a batter swinging could replace the letter "K" in Brooklyn.


Final Logo

This is the final logo. The "Crush It" tagline came from a phrase often used by one client and trainer to motivate his students.

The monogram (BK) version was designed to be used in smaller areas such as on baseball caps. The expectation is for the monogram to be a symbol that represents the entire brand.


Brand Identity

Identity design on business cards and sports apparel.


Style Guide

Unified color and proportions of Brooklyn Sluggers' name brand were critical to promoting consistent brand marketing at all touchpoints, such as the website, newsletters, social media company pages, and printed collateral. The style guide codified color and typographic elements to ensure proper representation of the brand by anyone utilizing the logo.